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Why Fruugo?

Reach the world

Sell to global shoppers...
  • Massively reduce your market entry costs

Talk the lingo

Automatically sell in 10 languages...
  • Increase your cross-border market share

Accept global payments

Leading methods for each country...
  • Attract global shoppers

Get paid in your currency

No conversion costs to you...
  • We'll do the hard work

Pay just 15% Commission

No sale = No fee. Fully inclusive...
  • of any payment, translation and currency charges

We'll protect you from fraud

With Fruugo's sophisticated anti-fraud systems...
  • Less cancellations and refunds

We understand consumer laws

  • So you don't need to

One data feed

Via our API or eCommerce plugins...
  • Your orders appear as if by magic

Exceptional service

We're real people, not computers...
  • You are allocated a dedicated account manager


Our Partners make your life easier


VIP Treatment

As a Fruugo retailer, you'll get a priority service from our 'Authorised Fruugo Partners'.


We've negotiated exclusive deals on products and services that you'll benefit from.

Added Value

The companies we partner with add value to our offering which enhances our service to you.


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