Step 1
Find out what Fruugo is all about - get our warm "welcome to Fruugo" here. In short, Fruugo has set on a mission to make cross-border online shopping simple, safe and social. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? Now, what you need to have in place to get on board are the following:

  • First and foremost, you should have an operational webshop. It would be a pain to try to integrate your shop if you don't have one, wouldn't it.
  • Do you sell cosmetics? Or toys? Or outdoor equipment? Or something that is easy to buy, pack and ship? Great! We love to sell those products! On the other hand, we aren't that keen on food at the moment (goes bad quickly), weapons (pretty dangerous) or naturally any illegal products. Check the full list of Fruugo prohibited products. If most of the products you sell aren't on the list - you passed!
  • Do you have the ability to export a product information feed from your webshop platform? We'll be displaying your products, their prices, descriptions, pictures and all the nice info about the products that the customers sort of expect to see at an online shop. And the simplest way for us to get it, and for you to provide it, is in a feed.
Step 2
What happens next is some business talk and a bit of paperwork: we negotiate the business terms, product categories you wish to sell through Fruugo and the countries you wish to sell to. We sign a contract and you officially become a part of Fruugo.

This gives your products additional exposure and lets you expand your business to new European markets & you get additional revenue and we get a commission on each successful transaction.

To let us get back to you with more details, just drop your info into the form. We'll have a look at your products and contact you with a business proposal. We'd like to choose a proper product selection for Fruugo together with you. This way we can make the most out of our co-operation and make sure that none of the prohibited products slip into our offering.
Step 3
Assuming that by now we have the contractual matters out of the way, what happens next is the "techie part". To show and sell your products at the Fruugo webshop we need to get your product information into the system, and you then need to keep it updated and follow up on all the orders that flow in from the Fruugo customers.

Here is a compact collection of documentation you'll find extremely helpful when creating a Fruugo compliant product information feed. Once ready, send it over to us and we'll take it from there.
Step 4
After that, your products become an integral part of the Fruugo offering and we're all set to start selling your stuff. We give you a flexible, easy-to-use and yet powerful online order management tool & Fruugo Merchant Centre.

In addition to the order management functionality, it also helps you follow up your Fruugo sales, manage your product offering, plus a whole bunch of other neat features under way.

Get started now by telling us who you are and what sort of products you sell - take a minute to fill in the form and we'll get back to you promptly.